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You make the MUSIC,

we make the HYPE.

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“Paula is a like a terrier on a Seal Team 6 mission. The job WILL get done. And she will take a bullet for her artists.”
-Alan Cross, Music Journalist/Radio Host


"If you look up Publicist in the dictionary, you should find a picture of Paula…. She is the epitome of the word…"
-Bernie Breen (Manager; Matthew Good, The Tragically Hip)


“Tough, tenacious and on top of things!  Providing what’s needed not only for her clients but the outlets she’s offered them to.”

-Tina Daenzer, Canada AM


"Paula is the consummate professional. I have rarely seen someone work so hard, not only for her clients, but also for the often fickle and demanding media. As someone who has worked with Paula and Hype Music for many years as a media professional, I can wholeheartedly recommend, and commend, Paula's commitment, music business acumen and approachable personality to anyone looking for top-quality publicity services. She is the rock star of music publicity. "
-Jim Barber, Freelance Music Writer


"Finding out Paula is attached to a project is always a relief. A publicist's support is so important when promoting a successful concert. There's no questioning whether or not something has been done. It's done and it's done right."
-Erin McGuire, Sonic Entertainment


Paula is precise, professional and proactive. If it's no BS publicity with a thorough and knowledgeable touch you're looking for, she delivers. Hard working, dedicated and personable, Paula is one publicist I'm always delighted to work with.
-Shannon Ambrose, The PORTAL Magazine

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